テックボール in 銀座 TEQBALL IN GINZA

【テックボールとは? What is Teqball?】
Teqball is a new sport invented in Hungary, combining "table tennis" and "soccer".
It is played on a curved table and with a ball similar to a football, hit by any part of the body except the hands.


Kiriko Lounge on the 6th floor of Tokyu Plaza in Ginza will host a promotional event of Teqball on January 31st, 2019.
An evening will be full of exciting programs from the demonstration of Teqball by Wasse and Kanae Sugawara who represented Japan in the past two World Cup games, the performance of free style football by CUBE and the music by DJ Shuya Okino.

Teqball has already been popular in Europe and South America and the football legends such as Figo, Puyol and Nuno Gomes have played the role of ambassadors.
There have been two World Cups held, one in Hungary and the other in France, and there is a possibility Japan will host it in 2020.

This is a video footage of Neymar and Willian playing Teqball.

[テックボール日本男子代表 WASSE]
WASSE is Japan’s national representative for Teqball and he was among the top 8 in the 2nd World Cup held in France in October, 2018. He became a free style football player in 2009 when he was 19 years old. He set two Guinness world records, one is “Longest time controlling a football with the soles” in 2011 and another is “Longest time controlling a football whilst lying down” in 2017.

[テックボール日本女子代表 菅原佳苗枝]
菅原佳奈枝はテックボールの日本代表で2017年ハンガリーで開催された第1回ワールドカップに出場しシングルでベスト16、ダブルスでベスト8に入賞。2008年から2014年まではモーニング娘。さんのフットサルチーム「GATAS BRILHANTES H.P.(ガッタスブリリャンチスH.P.)で女子フットサルの普及に貢献。2016年はフットサル⼥⼦関東リーグ所属チームであるエストレーラNOVO 川⼝でプレイ。
Kanae Sugawara is Japan’s national representative for Teqball and she was among the top 16 for a single match and the top 8 for a doubles match in the 1st World Cup held in Hungary in 2017. She played futsal as a professional from 2008 to 2014 and 2016.

【エンタテイメント Entertainment】
[球舞 CUBE]; http://www.cube-mau.jp/
世界が認めたスーパーリフティング・パフォーマンス・チーム「球舞」。“すべてはサッカーのために”を合言葉に、サッカーと音楽を融合させた世界で唯一無二のサッカーの新ジャンル「フリースタイルフットボール」を確立。サッカーの聖地マンチェスター・Uのホームグラウンド 『オールドトラフォード』にて世界初となるハーフタイムショーを実施!7万人の観客から喝采を浴びた。
With the motto “All for Soccer”, CUBE Soccer Entertainment Group has succeeded in incorporating soccer into their performance. CUBE unites the audience with its unique style fusing soccer moves and live music.

[DJ SHUYA OKINO 沖野修也]: http://www.extra-freedom.co.jp/artists/shuya_okino/news.html
DJ/作曲家/執筆家/選曲評論家/Tokyo Crossover/Jazz Festival発起人/The Roomプロデューサー。 KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE名義でリリースした「Eclipse」は、英国国営放送BBCラジオZUBBチャートで3週連続No.1の座を日本人として初めて射止めた。 これまでDJ/アーティストとして世界35ヶ国140都市に招聘されただけでなく、CNNやBillboard等でも取り上げられた本当の意味で世界標準をクリアできる数少ない日本人音楽家の一人。
DJ / Creative director of KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE and of TOKYO CROSSOVER/JAZZ FESTIVAL. Since forming “KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE” as a DJ unit in the beginning of 90‘s, they have built up the Crossover/Jazz Music scene in Japan, and have successful careers overseas. Shuya Okino appeared on iTunes CELEBRITY PLAYLIST and was the first Japanese artist ever to achieve this. As a DJ, Shuya Okino regularly tours Japan and worldwide. He has played a number of times throughout Europe and America.

- 鳥の唐揚げ、フライドポテト、パスタ
Sukiyabashi-sabo next to Kiriko Lounge will prepare free buffet food. As the quantity is limited please come early if you would like to eat.
- Deep-fried chicken, French fries and pasta

来場先着50名様に『ドリトス いきなり!ステーキ ワイルドステーキ味』を差し上げます。
【「いきなり!ステーキ コーンスナック ワイルドハンバーグ味」商品特長】
The first 50 customers to arrive will get a free sample of Doritos Ikinari Steak "Wild Hamburg Flavor".

入場料にはウェルカムドリンク1杯が含まれます。喉ごしが優しいTequila 13のカクテルまたはソフトドリンクをお選びいただけます。
The admission fee includes one glass of drink. You can choose either a cocktail of Tequila 13 or soft drink. Any additional drink can be purchased from a broader menu with cash.

*This event is recognized as one of the projects to celebrate the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Hungary and supported by the Hungarian Embassy in Tokyo.

【主催】日本テックボール協会; http://teqball.jp/
【運営】KenKuro; http://kenkuro.jp
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Thu Jan 31, 2019
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM JST
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Combini / ATM payment will be closed at the end of Jan 30, 2019.

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